Calories - 12 Workouts to Keep the Count Down


Calories – 12 Workouts to Keep the Count Down

When you are looking to drop your extra calories, there are countless exercises which will help. Not all exercise needs to take a lot of time. The twelve workouts which we provide give you a fun, easy way to lose the excess easily. Each exercise aims to be simple enough for anyone to begin using, while providing a great boost to your overall health.

1. Long Distance Running


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Long distance running is a great way to burn fat and drop calories. Running is convenient enough for any time of the day. It is good for cardiovascular health, conditioning and strengthening your heart. The average person burns a lot of calories when running. If you maintain a pace of ten minutes per mile, the average calories burned is ten per minute. Runners can take advantage of trails, streams and other outdoor areas. Thus making this a great exercise which forces you into the sun and towards new places. Doing this workout in combination with a 3 week diet will help you melt the fat in no time.