E-Cigarettes – 12 Negative Health Effects


E-Cigarettes get marketed on a range of health benefits, yet they stay toxic. The vapor arising from an electronic cigarette has many toxic compounds. There is a lack of research on the long-term health effects due to the relative new arrival of the product. The carcinogenic elements in vapor are immense. We have taken an overview of all the health complications arising from smoking E-cigarettes. Here are the ten most common negative health issues arising.  Many smokers are completely unaware of the health risk which this electronic alternative poses. The addictive nature is not lost when vaporizing, due to the equal nicotine. Avoid the unnecessary degradation of your health and avoid smoking E-cigarettes.


1. E-Cigarettes Support Nicotine Dependence


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E-cigarettes are often promoted for their health benefits. Yet smoking E-cigarettes allows your nicotine dependence to persist. Tobacco is not burned which saves you from the toxins in smoke. Yet you are still holding on to a nicotine addiction when smoking electronic cigarettes. Perpetuating this harmful habit puts you at a risk almost equal to tobacco products. Extra health complications are also made possible when using this popular alternative.