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Heart Disease – The Top 10 Causes

Heart disease is often mistaken for a singular condition. It actually classifies numerous health conditions that affect heart function and is thus generalized. Heat diseases include many conditions from heart blockages to coronary artery disease. A commonly occurring condition is dysfunctional heart valves, resulting in a host of complications. Being a muscle, the heart receives oxygen and nutrients from your blood system. If complications arise within your blood it is likely that your heart will suffer. As a result many functions of your body can begin failing. Heart disease stems from multiple factors including genetics and a range of illnesses. When an alternate cause to genetics is located, heart problems are commonly treatable. Therefore understanding the underlying factors causing a patient’s heart problems is essential. Here we have provided an overview of the ten most common causes of heart disease.

1. Hereditary Genetic Factors & Heart Disease

Heart Disease

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First of all the primary cause of heart disease is hereditary genetic traits. A family history including records of heart disease increases your risk of contracting complications. If any close relatives have a history of heart disease it would be best to consult a physician. The closer the relative, the higher the risk. Thus early detection is critical to ensuring good health and longevity.