The 10 Most Common Bacterial Disease Varieties

There are a wide variety of ailments that result from these ten forms of common bacterial disease. Each one of these diseases results in the death of a large amount of individuals around the globe. While each is preventable through proper treatment and prevention procedures. Common bacterial disease is negated if detected early. Here is a list of the most frequently occurring afflictions.


1. The Most Common Bacterial Disease – Cholera

Common Bacterial Disease

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Cholera is the world’s most common bacterial disease. It is also most common in third-world countries. Over two-hundred people suffer this disease every year. Although Just fourteen cases in the US during the course of 2014. Cholera is a common bacterial disease. It spreads through water contaminated by the Vibrio cholera bacterium and is therefore often found in unsanitary living conditions and in water contaminated by human feces. This horrible disease targets the intestines and therefore causes extreme diarrhea and vomiting. In dire cases this can result in death within hours. The body loses nutrients and fluids during the bout of extreme dehydration. One needs to therefore replenish these minerals and liquids. Cholera also causes an increase in heart rate, extreme thirst, cramping of your muscles, a drop in blood pressure and a range of other symptoms.

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