10 Essential Superfood Diet Additions

Superfood is the term given to foods which provide numerous nutritional benefits within a very small serving. This list details the very best superfood types to include in your diet. The benefits of each of these healthy foods span the entire body, while helping to prevent disease as well. Adjust your diet slightly, adding few of these into your daily routine to see an immediate benefit to your health and well-being.


1. Moringa Leaf – The Must-Have Superfood


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Moringa oleifera is often known as “the miracle tree” and has been in use for over 4000 years. It’s uses include the treatment and cure of over 300 diseases and other afflictions. It is therefore one of the healthiest superfoods that is available at a low cost. This rapidly growing tree contains an unbelievable amount of nutritional value. Moringa leaves are one of nature’s best antioxidants. It combats free radicals in the body while preventing oxidative damage. The anti-inflammatory benefits aid your digestion and metabolism. while it’s topical benefits  are essential to treating fungal problems. Moringa possesses a compound named niaziminin. This element effectively supplies anti-tumor and anti-cancer benefits. Moringa is typically sold as a leaf powder and is an extremely affordable superfood. As little as one and a half teaspoons a day benefits your entire well-being.

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