10 Foods to Avoid Eating In the Morning

Many people maintain that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In reality every meal is important, because ultimately, you are what you eat. If you look at it from a metabolic perspective, breakfast should give you a head start. It should give you energy, a sense of wellbeing, and it should satisfy your hunger. While some people aren’t generally hungry in the morning, there is a strong case for eating a meal in the morning that will control your blood sugar. A quick energy boost in the form of a sweet beverage, chocolate, or a sugary snack is not a good idea because it will quickly result in low blood sugar.

#10 Fruit Juice

Foods to Avoid

How healthy is that glass of orange juice. Photo: features.aol.com

The reason you shouldn’t drink fruit juice is mostly because of the sugar content. Even if it’s freshly squeezed or pressed fruit juice, the natural sugar content can be enormous. You need energy in the morning, not a “sugar crash” caused by falling blood sugar. If you want orange juice, don’t squeeze more than one orange. Preferably, drink a glass of water and eat the orange, fiber and all. If you really want to improve your health and daily performance, cut out sugar altogether.

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