10 Great Alternatives Weight Watchers

10. Noom Coach: Health & Weight

Weight Watchers

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Finally we have Noom Coach: Health & Weight which gives you an easy to follow weight loss plan so that you have a fixed focus through your weight loss efforts. Their advice and guidance has brought many users of this free app great success, making their weight-loss statistics  comparable the results attained by Weight Watchers, while the app is not quite as easy to use. This calorie counter also gives you recipe suggestions and nutritional information. It is available on the Google Play store and is one of Dr. Oz’s favorite apps. Over fifteen million individuals have used Noom to help them reach weight loss goals making it therefore one of the best Weight Watchers alternatives available.

Noom supplies an excellent range of services including:

  • Personalized Weight-Loss Coaching Due to Well-Tested Strategies
  • Extensive Calorie and Nutritional Reports and Statistics
  • Support Groups for Motivation
  • Recipe Assistance with Health Reports
  • Indoor and Outdoor Exercise Tracking
  • Daily Health Articles Due To Proficient Editorial Staff
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