10 Healthy Skin Care Remedies

Skin care is essential to our overall well-being. Taking care of your skin not only ensures a vibrant appearance, but it also reduces your risk of developing complications that could plague you later in life. We have compiled ten of the most effective skin care remedies available. These ten methods are easy to implement and affordable to make, saving you on the high costs commonly associated with mainstream skin care products.


1. Sour Cream & Cocoa Face Mask

Skin Care

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Due to the fermented nature of sour cream, it is high in lactic acid, which is extremely beneficial to your skin care. Lactic acid helps your skin retain it’s hydration levels, giving you more youthful, vibrant skin. Cocoa contains antioxidant properties that combat free radicals, due to the presence of flavanols. These compounds help repair the damage caused by UV radiation. Cocoa is also known to have extensive anti-aging benefits. To make a face mask that will repair and rejuvenate your skin, combine one tablespoon of cocoa powder, one tablespoon of hone and the white of one egg. Mix well and apply it evenly to your face. Allow the mask to dry before rinsing off with a soft, warm, cloth. The all-in-one face mask will provide skin care benefits that firm, hydrate and repair.

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