10 Healthy Skin Care Remedies

10. The Many Skin Care Benefits of Aloe Vera

Skin Care

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Aloe vera has legendary healing abilities spanning treatments of ailments across the entire body. When used topically, aloe vera is a fantastic treatment for skin infections, abrasions, sunburn and boils. It relieves itchy skin due to effectively getting rid of allergic reactions and rashes. There are few plants that are as effective at skin care. Aloe vera is available as the raw plant itself, powder or gel. To take full advantage of the plant’s range of antibacterial healing properties it is best to use a cutting of the plant itself, although all other treatments are known to be highly effective. A fantastic skin repair tonic is made by mixing half a cup of coconut oil with four tablespoons of aloe vera and a few drops of vitamin E oil. This mix can be applied to any area of skin  giving you fast and effective relief.

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