10 Most Harmful Grains in the World

#1 Wheat

harmful grains

The Case Against What? Photo: shilohlogan.com

Acknowledged to be the world’s most consumed grain, wheat is also commonly labeled the most harmful grain in the world. Like rye and barley, wheat contains gluten that is proven to be harmful. There is evidence that even those without celiac disease can have gluten sensitivity, intolerance or even allergies to gluten. There is also evidence that people are exhibiting allergies to wheat protein; bloating, coughing and displaying other common symptoms. Further, wheat germ, also propounded as hugely healthy, is essentially the embryo of the wheat plant. It is commonly used to produce refined grain products that really aren’t at all healthy. The best proof is not so much the bad health of those who eat wheat products, but the good health of those who don’t.

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