10 Reasons To Stop Drinking Alcohol

There are a huge amount of proven medical complications which are excellent motivation to stop drinking alcohol. The physiological and psychological dependence on alcohol is a huge risk and a financial burden. It  places you in a far higher risk group for a wide range of health conditions. When you stop drinking alcohol your overall health will see an improvement, granting you new vigor and vitality. Here are ten medical reasons to stop drinking alcohol today.


1. Quit Drinking – It Damages Your Pancreas

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Image Source: http://www.physio-pedia.com

Alcohol is the world’s top catalyst for the development of pancreatitis. It is the number one cause of both chronic and acute cases of pancreatitis. This disorder causes extreme inflammation of the pancreas. This results in severe upper abdominal pain which radiates into your back.  The condition is worsened when eating foods which are high in fat content. A damaged pancreas often leads to diabetes, due to the fact that your pancreas can no longer produce insulin effectively. If you stop drinking alcohol your pancreas can recover over extended periods of time, given a proper diet which is low in fats. Continuing the consumption of alcohol when diagnosed with pancreatitis will result in necrosis of the pancreas, a life threatening disorder.

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