10 Stars Who Live an Incredibly Healthy Lifestyle

Most stars are ultra aware of the way they look, but not all of them take the trouble to stay super-fit and healthy. Those who do, sometimes attract attention in a positive way, and use their celeb status to encourage other people to do the same. One of the early celeb pioneers who promoted a healthy lifestyle was actress Jane Fonda who has made numerous workout videos since the 1980s. She still maintains a social networking blog that helps enthusiasts interact with one another and inspire one another. Here are 10 contemporary stars that live an incredibly healthy lifestyle right now.

#10 Tobey Maguire

Healthy Lifestyle

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Tobey Maguire aka Peter Parker aka Spider Man is a hugely successful award-winning American actor and producer who has been working for a good three decades. Very health conscious, he hasn’t drunk alcohol since his teens, and he became a vegetarian in 1992, and then vegan in 2009. Nevertheless he often has to alter his diet so that he can either lose weight quickly – which he did by altering his calorie intake for Seabiscuit and by doing the opposite when he needed to gain weight for his the leading role in Spider-Man 2. He is also active in America’s Healthy School Lunch Campaign.

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