10 Stars Who Live an Incredibly Healthy Lifestyle

#8 Jake Gyllenhaal

Healthy Lifestyle

‪Jake Gyllenhaal`s Muscle Workout and Diet Plan – Muscle Gaining‪. Photo: muscle.iuhu.org

A relatively young star (he’s 34) who began his acting career when he was little (aged 10), Jake Gylienhaal is also a dedicated barefoot runner and he has set himself a goal to run a marathon. An enthusiastic cook, he says he is into healthy eating and that he consciously includes a lot of fresh food in his daily diet. Jake makes a point of shopping at local farmers’ markets and he also has his own veggie garden at home. He was named one of People magazine’s top 50 most beautiful people in 2006, and one of the mag’s hottest bachelors the same year. In 2012 he was ranked 6 on Shalom Life’s list of the 50 “most talented, intelligent, funny, and gorgeous” Jewish men.

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