10 Surprising Recipes to Cure a Hangover

#1 Sauerkraut

cure a hangover

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If you like sauerkraut you’ll be in the winning seats, because this is one of the best of our 10 surprising recipes to cure a hangover. However, you might wonder why a fermented cabbage dish would help you the day after. The very fact that it’s fermented is good, because it provides your body with essential probiotics and also helps to replenish the gut with healthy bacteria. But the key to why sauerkraut is such a good hangover cure is in fact its high sodium content. Alcohol, as we’ve mentioned several times, acts as a diuretic and gets rid of the sodium in your body – and if your sodium levels are low, chances are you’ll start getting headaches which are one of the primary symptoms of a hangover. So bring on the sauerkraut.

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