10 Telling Symptoms of Liver Damage

1. Swollen Abdomen

Those diagnosed with liver disease often develop cirrhosis, which causes ascites. Ascites is an excess of fluid in the abdomen, and it can even make the patient look pregnant. Despite the fact that many illnesses or conditions can cause ascites, most cases are due to liver cirrhosis. As gravity forces the fluid down the body, liver disease patients may also have swollen ankles.

While ascites usually goes hand-in-hand with chronic liver issues, it can also happen to those that develop onset or acute liver disease, but taking diuretics and reducing the amount of sodium in one’s diet can bring relief to most of those patients. However, some will need to have the excess fluid drained using a needle in the stomach, and if it can’t be controlled, the doctor may order a liver shunt or liver transplant.


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