10 Ways To Get Rid Of Those Annoying Calluses

10. Utilize Customized Orthotics Or Shoe Insoles

10.Orthotics Or Shoe Insoles

Orthotics Or Shoe Insoles – robertsdonovan.com

There are various companies that make quality orthotics in order to help relieve the pressure points on your feet which can cause calluses. For more information regarding orthotics and insoles, visit the American Podiatric Medical Association website. In addition, you may research various companies such as Spenco5 or Footlevelers6 in order to purchase quality orthotics and insoles.

As we all know, calluses are very annoying. However, you should never use knives, razor blades, or any sharp objects to remove them, especially if you are diabetic because it can cause an infection. If the natural ways for removing calluses do not seem to work for you, or if you are in extreme pain, then you should see a doctor. There are times when a physician may need to remove some of the extra skin by using a scalpel during a routine office visit. In addition, it may be necessary to use medicated patches which contain salicylic acid (40% strength) and are labeled as “Clear Away” or “Callus Removers”. They are typically available for purchase without a prescription. It is also a possibility that your doctor may decide that you need a prescription form of salicylic acid which is available in a gel for larger areas; or he or she may prescribe an antibiotic ointment to reduce infection. As a last resort and in some exceptional cases, it may be necessary to have surgery in order to correct abnormalities of the foot or protruding bones.

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