12 Cheap and Healthy Foods to Eat Every Day

Losing weight can be a challenge for most people. You might have a job where most of your day is spent sitting, or you might just feel like everything that’s healthy is way too expensive at the market. If you’re in this situation, this list will not only solve your health problem, but it will also help your budget. Whether you’re looking for dinner, lunch or breakfast ideas, these 12 cheap and healthy foods will help you have overall good health and will even help with weight loss.

1. Lentils

Lentils cost very little, costing about $0.1 per quarter cup serving. These small seeds are usually used in Middle Eastern dishes, but can be used in a wide range of meals and recipes. They’re easy to cook and are really good for you, giving you lots of folic acid, fiber, iron, and B6. They are also a good source of vitamin C, and are great for vegetarians looking to increase their iron intake.
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