12 Most Effective Butt Workouts

While losing weight and staying in shape is great; the right combination of resistance and strength training movements can give a nice, feminine shape to your butt, while strengthening your hams and quads for that perfect, covetable firm. Each of the following exercises specifically target the hamstrings, gluteus maximum, and the gluteus medium, the chief muscles responsible for fostering the appearance of a lifted, tight, and firm butt.

1. Squats



To start, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. You can extend your arms out to help keep your balance. Squat with your weight over your heels and your hips back out, until your butt touches your ankles. Lower down so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keeping your body tight, push through your heels and exert your body weight into the ground through your feet to get back up.
Variations: Jump Squats – Squat down as before, and accelerate your body upwards into a jump

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