12 Tips for Better Yoga

Do you already feel like your yoga practice has been dwindling lately?

Here are 12 quick and easy tips to help you keep your love for yoga.

1. Proper hydration is the key

Stopping in the middle of your yoga practice can hinder the natural flow of the exercise. Therefore, it is recommended that you hydrate before heading to yoga class. Focus on hydrating yourself all day long – you will be surprised at what difference proper hydration makes.

2. Go to class early

Going to yoga practice late and with a flustered mind will get you to a rough start. As much as possible, go to class 10 minutes earlier. This will give you enough time to change into your favorite yoga gear, find a comfortable spot and even sip a cup of tea.

3. Wear the right yoga gear

Consistently hiking up the waistband of your yoga pants or being too conscious about you spilling out of your tank top can ruin your yoga experience. Your mind should be free of worries during Downward Dog. Get yourself a yoga gear that feels comfortable and fit, but not so snug that they can distract others.

4. Bring some props

Advance yogis only bring themselves to class and they tend to shy away from bringing props. You can bring a blanket, block or yoga strap to class. You will never know when they might come handy.

5. Silence before class

Most people tend to chat up with their fellow yogis a few minutes prior the start of class. However, it is best to keep quiet and turn inwards before class to get your mind ready for the upcoming exercises. You can sit up or lay on your back with your eyes closed. This will help you connect to your inner self and help prepare for the yoga exercises.

6. Set proper expectations

Even if this is the only piece of advice that you will take to heart from the bunch, it can take you a long way. There are days when you can easily perform an arm balance, but other days things are not going your way. The human body is designed to evolve constantly. Everything from the person’s state of mind to the last workout done can affect how the person will fair in the coming days. You cannot expect yourself to look or feel the same all the time.

7. Don’t judge others

It is not a good practice to compare yourself to everyone else in the class. It is just a waste of your time and mental energy. Keep your mind grounded to the mat and maintain a positive attitude. This will help keep your focus on your goals and your own potential.

8. Take deep breaths

Proper breathing is a technique that took other people several years to perfect. When you feel like a certain yoga pose quite difficult to do or your sense of self-judgment sinking in, good and deep ujjayi breaths can help relieve the stress. Ujjayi breathing is a technique that can help you relieve any physical tension or negativity clouding your mind. Pairing this breathing style with yoga can help you keep calm and composed all the time.

9. All ears on your teacher

Your yoga teacher will always be there to guide you every step of the way, but don’t tune out once you are already doing the exercises. Teachers tend to offer little comments or suggestions to their students once they are on position. These subtle tips can help you perfect a certain pose that once was hard to accomplish.

10. Bring out that smile

This is perhaps the corniest tip out of the bunch, but it works! Once you are going through the motions, your muscles contracts, and breath is tied to your movement, and smile a lot! There is no need to force yourself to smile throughout the yoga routines, but there are instances when you stop taking things seriously and bring out that huge smile.

11. Try something new

Don’t hesitate to try a new pose. If you think there is a pose that is too difficult for you, try it during next session. The reason why many yogis do not see any progress is that they have fear trying new poses. You may not be able to do it perfectly the first, but it’s all about the journey of mastering it, right?

12. Practice Savasana

Most people tend to get up and go out to their yoga classes. They don’t realize the importance of Savasana after yoga. Get rid of all thoughts from mind since they will still be there after doing yoga. Savasana is the only time you can get rid of all thoughts clouding your mind and it is the only time you can feel relaxed. Make the best out of it!