12 Vegetables That You Have Probably Never Heard Of

We all know that we should make healthier food choices. However, do you ever just get bored with eating the same things for dinner and want some type of change? Then, here is a list of interesting vegetable varieties that you have most likely never heard of before and may want to consider adding to your lunch or dinner menu to shake things up a bit.


12 Unusual Vegetables That You Have Probably Never Heard Of:

1. Purslane


Purslane – amychaplin.com

This vegetable is similar to a Dandelion, is packed with nutrients, and is very popular in Mexican and Greek cuisine. It provides a good supply of pectin and digestible fiber; Omega-Three Fatty Acids which are obtained directly from the plant; and contains Vitamins E and C. It is crunchy, has a lemon taste, and is frequently added to sandwiches, pesto sauce, and salads.

2. Hubbard Squash

2.Hubbard Squash

Hubbard Squash – judithchoate.com

This is a type of wintery squash that has a yellowy-orange colored flesh. Although it is not appealing to the eye, it is beautiful within because it is packed with fiber, potassium, and rich antioxidants consisting of Vitamins C and A. It can be eaten in stew or roasted and combined with kale and pasta.

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