13 Ways To Add Some Exercise To Your Workday

Did you know that the average person spends around 9-10 hours a day just sitting around in a state of inactivity? When a person is dormant to this extent, it means that a workout consisting of 30-60 minutes a day will be unable to offset all of the negative consequences that are occurring in the body. In fact, the more hours that a person spends sitting around is directly correlated to a reduction in his or her lifespan. Furthermore, research has proven that adults who watch TV for six hours a day actually reduce their life by nearly five years.

Even more astounding is the fact that over 50% of American women and men never take part in any type of physical activity which lasts for over ten minutes weekly. Obviously, this type of inactivity takes a physical and mental toil on the health of our bodies. In fact, research has proven just how serious idleness can be. There was a study consisting of 2,497 subjects which was performed for a period of eight days. During this time, motion monitors were attached to the thighs of the participants who sat for at least nine hours daily. Just by adding in one extra hour of inactivity per day increased the odds for developing Type II Diabetes by a whopping 22%. In addition, the chances of developing Metabolic Syndrome increased by 39%.

The good news is that you can turn the tables on these statistics and actually improve your health. For instance, if you only sit for three hours a day at the most, then you can actually add two years to your life. One way to add some exercise and help improve your health at the same time is to incorporate some good fitness habits at work. In fact, here are 13 ways that you can add some exercise to your workday:


13 Ways To Add Some Exercise To Your Workday:

1. Use A Stability Ball

1.Use A Stability Ball

Use A Stability Ball – mitzivines.com

If you use an exercise ball just like a chair it will help you improve your flexibility and balance and will also enable you to use more of your core muscles. All you need to do is slightly arch your back, hold your stomach in, and place your feet directly on the floor while keeping your hips, ankles, and knees at angles of 90-degrees.

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