13 Ways To Add Some Exercise To Your Workday

13. Consider Sitting In A Wooden Chair

13.Consider Sitting In A Wooden Chair

Consider Sitting In A Wooden Chair – cgi.tutsplus.com

If you sit in a chair that has no place to rest your arms, then you will be forced to sit up by using the correct posture. In addition, it will cause you to shift your body weight more often than if you were sitting in a nice, comfortable workplace chair.

One good tip to remember is to make it a habit to only work at your desk in 45 minute increments. You can then get up and file, make a phone call, or just walk around. Doing things such as these are good forms of exercise and will also help you to refresh your mind with the mental break.

One way to be sure that you remember to take a break is to set a timer so that you will be sure to stand up and move about for at least 10 minutes each hour. In fact, you can choose to either walk, stand, or take the opportunity to do a few simple exercises by your desk. In fact, no matter what type of exercise you choose, the key is to try and add something each day so that you will reap the benefits of not only looking good but also feeling good as well.

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