13 Ways To Add Some Exercise To Your Workday

2. Treadmill Desk

2.Treadmill Desk

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A study presented at the 2015 American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting in San Diego showed that office workers, who were normally inactive, benefitted by adding in some exercise with a treadmill desk. By spending only two hours daily for a period of two months they found that their blood pressure improved and that they slept much better each night. Also, according to the Mayo Clinic, employees who work in an office and are overweight and use a treadmill-type desk as opposed to doing their work at a traditional desk for just 2-3 hours daily can possibly lose from 44-66 pounds in one year. And the best news of all is that the pace does not even have to be fast, and sweating is not even necessary. The faster that you choose to walk, the more calories that you can actually burn in that time frame. You may also want to check out Kelly Starrett’s video regarding the correct posture to use for a standing workstation.

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