13 Ways you are harming your body eating too much protein protein

Proteins play a pivotal role in all growth processes of your body from the development of a cellular organelle to the regeneration of the liver. Despite their crucial role in all vital life processes, strict vigilance is required in their consumption. The amount of protein you need depends on your age, your body size and how physically active you are. Generally, it is recommended that you don’t have more than 30% of your everyday intake in protein. Given below are ways in which high protein intake is detrimental to your health, and how eating too much protein can harm your body.


13. Develops ketosis

Ketotis - Phil Gradwell

Ketotis – Phil Gradwell

A constant diet of high protein plunges your body into a state of ketosis. In this condition, your body is compelled to keep generating substances called ketones. These wretched chemicals are known to extinguish a healthy appetite. These are also responsible for causing nausea. Moreover, they are greatly responsible for causing bad breath.

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