15 Awesome Uses For Orange Peels

Sure, you could just toss your orange peel—or better yet, compost it—but why not get a bit more use out of it? The folks at First For Women have you covered with these clever uses.

These 15 Awesome Uses For Orange Peels will impress you and make you say “wow, I never knew that”. Check out these fun and unique ideas.

# 4 is my personal favorite. It’s a must!

15. Keeps The Fur-ball Away



You set your new plant on a shelf but still worry your cat might jump up and try to munch on the leaves, which are mildly toxic and could give him a stomachache. To help prevent this, dice the peels of two oranges and sprinkle them onto the plant’s dirt. Cats dislike the strong scent of citrus, so your pal will stay away.

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