15 Food Charts to Make Nutrition Easy!

Let’s Make This Simple, Shall We? Nutrition, In Graphs.



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Let’s start with the most basic, because it seems like a lot of people still fail to account for Caloric intake. And if you don’t understand Calories, the following charts may not make as much sense to you. The number of Calories we consume (ie,Caloric intake) is the single largest predictor of body weight. Calories matter for everyone, so it’s vital that you know how many you need. Just what is a Calorie? A Calorie is a measure of energy- it tells you how many Calories are in a food source per specified volume/portion. If you consume too many Calories (that is, more Calories than you need to maintain weight), you’ll gain weight. No “if’s, ands, or buts” about it. To learn more about Caloric needs and specific considerations for men, women, and children, consult the handy, simple, and engaging guide at the following link, courtesy of the National INstitutes of Health.

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