16 Cancer Causing Foods You Eat Every Day



canned tomato

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1. Canned Tomatoes

Tomatoes in general are very healthy and in fact considered to help prevent cancers. However, canned tomatoes don’t offer the same benefits. Primarily because of the container they come in. Canned foods are lined with a cancer causing chemical called biphenol-A (BPA).

The National Academy of Sciences published an article in 2013 providing evidence that BPA has a direct effect on our genes and the negative effects on our brains. The FDA is on board with this proven science and has made efforts to push towards elimination of this chemical. Unfortunately due to lobbyist efforts this chemical is still used in canned foods until the industry can find a suitable alternative.

These tomatoes can also be dangerous due to the high acidity rates, which binds the BPA chemical to the tomato itself. In fact, the levels of BPA are so high it’s wise not to feed them to developing children. Be sure to buy organic tomatoes, outside of the can.

Pay particular attention to slide #16. Just about everyone I know eats it…

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