17 Healthy Food Trends For 2016

Each year brings about some new and interesting health trends, and 2016 will definitely not disappoint. Although some of the trends continue to gain momentum such as clean ingredients, non-GMO, whole grains, protein, and gluten free, there are still various companies that have come up with some tasty new ways to help you eat healthier whether you dine out or dine in. So, why not check out these 17 healthy food trends that are sure to help bring in the new year with a bang?


17 Healthy Food Trends For 2016:

1. Spiralized Vegetables

1.1. Spiralized Vegetables

Spiralized Vegetables – dontdigyourgravewithknivesandforks.com

Converting your favorite veggies into spiral-shaped, pasta-type noodles is sure to be a hot trend for 2016. For the health-conscious chef, this is a yummy way to include more raw or cooked health foods on the plates of those who have the most discriminating taste buds.

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