20 Foods You Should Start Eating When Feeling Sick

We all get sick. It’s a fact of life. However, there are things you can eat at the first cough or sniffle. From herbal concoctions to strange mixtures there are plenty of remedies to take when feeling sick, but how do you know which one and what works and what doesn’t work? We went straight to the source and spoke to leading scientist and medical professionals to find the highest quality, medically backed, food remedies that will help prevent you from getting sick or help you get over your cold sooner. This is our list of 20 Foods You Should Start Eating When Feeling Sick



1. Ginger


Asian cooks use ginger in almost every meal and rightly so! Ginger fights infections and can help with the healing process once you’re sick. This ancient root can help with anything from bloating through to nausea and even constipation! If you don’t like the texture, try sipping on a calming ginger tea.

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