60 Hairstyles That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger

As we advance in age, our faces and hair texture change. Any mistake on our part by choosing the wrong hairstyles can make us look older. Science has been unable to look for the serum for being forever young and contrary to what everyone thinks, going under the needle or using things in a bottle isn’t the secret to looking younger.

We know how one can get stuck in the routine of having to look for the best hairstyle for their face so we have decided to list out some of the best hairstyles that can make you look younger by 10 years. The change doesn’t have to be startling but a little change can do much in transforming your appearance.

1. The classic bob:

This is a favorite and it never goes out of style. For people with fine hair, consider making the edges of your bob blunt while those with coarse hair should add layers. It looks flattering on a mature face because of the way it accentuates the cheekbones and makes the jaw line more pronounced. It might not look as amazing on people with fuller faces because it tends to make the face fuller. Avoid making short bobs that show your hairline especially if you have grey hairs.

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