23 Harmful Effects of Sugar

We all love the taste of sugar, right? Just about everything we eat contains sugar. From coffee to cakes and even bread. But do we really know how harmful it is to our health? We put this list together after watching the Netflix documentary Sugar Coated. Really good documentary about the harmful effects of sugar. Most of us know the effects of sugar on the body are not good, but most also don’t know how bad they actually are. From diabetes to heart disease, these are 23 reason to do everything possible to minimize the amount of sugar you consume in your diet.


1. Addictive

Sugar effects

It’s common knowledge that sugar can effect your weight, but did you also know it’s addictive? A 2007 study by James Cook found that sugar was more addictive then cocaine when conducting tests on lab mice. The high you get after consuming sugar may be the reason mice felt more drawn to sugar over cocaine.

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