40 Homecoming Hairstyles For All Hair Types

Homecoming isn’t quite as fancy as prom, but you still want to look good. You can still achieve the look you’re going for with more simple styles, though they still need to match your dress and accessories. Every female has different hair types, length, and tastes, yet everyone wants to look gorgeous for a special night. Therefore, we have picked our favorite 40 versatile styles that include short hair, updos, downdos and all the current trends. Take a look and find some inspiration.

One of the most common problems is trying not to look too casual or too dressy. You still want to be effortlessly cute and chic rather than perfectly glamorous like at prom. Usually, your hairstyle can make or break that fine line.

Generally, good hairstyle for homecoming is just a variation on prom styles. To give you more of an idea of what we’re talking about, here are the details:

  1. Messy updos. These are done without a comb to create spontaneous and whimsical looks.
  2. Side ‘dos. These are great when paired with a one shoulder dress or any other asymmetric gown.
  3. Braids. Braids are running the red carpet and are not just for school girls. They can actually be fancy!
  4. Ponytails. A ponytail is a great base for many hair styles and is definitely the trend this year.

40 Homecoming Hairstyles That Are Trending Today

Take a look and see what fits you and your style.

#1: French Roll with Some Mess

french roll for thick hair

For a hassle free look, try a classic chignon or this French roll. It is perfect for lasting through the night and is both elegant and simple. More time to party!

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