40 Platinum and White Color Solutions That Will Make You Look Younger

Stunning angles and celestial beings are given grand visions by the movies so of course any woman wants that enviable platinum shade these days. White curls of platinum to even halos, we have uncovered 40 white and platinum toned color solutions. Go ahead and take a look!

The White and Platinum Trend

For women with cool skin tones, hair stripped of color is an intriguing choice. These are usually women that once had very light hair, but has since darken into a dirty blonde hue. The darker tones can sometimes come off dirty and dull with the need for lightening and brightening. The perfect solution is a white or platinum color. Go for all over, balayage, highlights, babylights or ombre. All will look great. Don’t know where to start? Right below!


#1: Curly and Flaxen Blonde

medium blonde hair with platinum highlights


The shoulder length waves get some serious spice with these white highlights.Try this color solution for dimensional and modern blonde hair.

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