50 Best Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

As men age, their hair tends to get thinner. It can be frustrating to find a hairstyle that looks good with thin hair, especially one that hides the thinning and makes the hair look fuller. It’s a good thing there are some pretty talented barbers out there! Here are the best hairstyles men with thin hair can get.

Some of the best tricks to looking great with thin hair involve texture, a messy style, comb overs, undercuts, and many more. The following hairstyles include one or more of these tricks to making your hair look thicker or your thin hair look great.

Spiked Up

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Don’t let your thin hair lay flat on your head. Instead, spike it up! This haircut brings your hair up in the middle and adds mega height to take away from thinning hair. It goes well with facial hair too.

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