60 Beautiful Updos for Medium Length Hair

If you have medium length hair, you may feel frustrated at the lack of updo styles you can do. You may feel that you have to have long hair to have the perfect updo. We’re here to tell you that is simply not true! There are many beautiful updos for women with medium length hair that are perfect for formal events or just going out and about on a hot summer day.

The Best Updos for Your Medium Length Hair

  • Knots – Knots can be worn as a trendy messy style with the right amount of teasing and loose strands.
  • Braids – Braids can be intricate or simple, depending on what you’re going for. It may not be the first style you think of when you want an updo, but you can get very creative with it!
  • Buns – This is probably the easiest updo someone with medium length hair can do. Pull your hair back and wrap it tightly into a bun.
  • Multi-Component Styles – Combine two or three of the updo styles mentioned above for the best multi-component updo. Get creative and be bold with your updo style.

Fringe Bangs with a Low Bun

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Blend in your fringe bangs with a low bun to make your updo look elegant with a little bit of texture. These few pieces are great if you’re looking to frame your face.

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