7 Health Warnings Coded in Your Handwriting

2. Schizophrenia

Brain lobes - Allan Ajifo

Brain lobes – Allan Ajifo

Medical research suggests that almost 60% of schizophrenia patients who are treated with antipsychotic drugs end up with extrapyramidal effects. These include other diseases such as Tardive Dyskinesia and Parkinsonism. All this and also, the general motor disability of the patient to keep their hands in total control, lead to profound changes in the overall quality of the patient’s handwriting.

As a result, mostly illegible handwriting is encountered by graphologists when analyzing a specimen by a patient of schizophrenia using software such as MovAlyzer. The results found drastic changes almost to the point of concluding that the specimens were written by completely different people which had actually been written by a single individual.

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