7 Health Warnings Coded in Your Handwriting

7. Depression

Depression - Ryan Melaugh

Depression – Ryan Melaugh

It is also possible to ascertain whether a person is in a happy state of mind or is clinically depressed by having a close look at their handwriting. When people are in a cheerful mood, they tend to write in a flow which clearly shows in their handwritten script. Also, if the crossbar of ‘t’ slants in an upward position from left to right, then that signifies optimism. This stands true for the overall trend in the handwriting with the upward slant representing optimism.

If, however, all the letters of the manuscript have a downward slant, then the subject is said to have depression. You will also notice a lack of alignment. With the above knowledge in their hand, graphologists can determine the health of a person by looking at their handwriting. These measures have been of great value to physicians and patients alike.

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