7 Signs That You Are Being Overmedicated

4. Lack of personal hygiene

4. Lack of personal hygiene

Lack of personal hygiene-hetipz.net

Do you suddenly have no interest in taking a bath or shower, wearing deodorant, brushing your teeth, and keeping up your normal hygiene?

5. Difficulty concentrating and memory problems

5.Difficulty concentrating and memory problems

Difficulty concentrating and memory problems-huffingtonpost.com

Have you noticed that you cannot concentrate on even the simplest things or that you are having a lot of trouble remembering how to do normal tasks?

6. Changes in sleep patterns

6.Changes in sleep patterns

Changes in sleep patterns-onespotcare.com

Do you have trouble sleeping at nighttime because you are wide awake? Is it hard for you to stay awake during the day because you frequently feel groggy or drugged?

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