7 Ways to Stop Snoring

Snoring, noisy breathing during sleep, affects millions of people. If you don’t yourself suffer from snoring occasionally, you likely know someone who does. Snoring can affect men and women, increases with age and weight gain and can lead to restless, un-refreshing sleep for both the sufferer and his/her bed partner. It can result in a cycle of poor sleep, and poor daytime function, and can eventually lead to separate bedrooms and strains on a marriage, or roommate relationship. Surprisingly, about half of the people suffering from chronic snoring have a condition called sleep apnea, meaning that breathing is frequently interrupted for brief periods during sleep. Sometimes the solution to a good night’s sleep is a simple health or life-style change. Here are seven ways to help you or your partner stop snoring.

1. Sleep position

Sleep - Michiyo

Sleep – Michiyo

A simple change of sleeping position from your back to your side may be all that’s required to help a person stop snoring. Sleeping on your back may result in your tongue and soft palate falling back to block your airway, causing you to snore. If you have trouble staying on your side while you sleep, trying pinning a sock with a tennis ball inside to the back of your sleep-shirt. The tennis ball under your back should be uncomfortable enough to keep you snore-free on your side.

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