70 Light Medium Layered Haircuts

When taking into account hectic modern life, every woman wants a practical hairstyle that shows off their femininity. In this article, you’ll see today’s most popular and universal medium length layered cuts. You’ll be shocked at the different styles and colors this base will cater to. And of course you’ll certainly find one that is right for you. However there are a few simple rules to looking chic everyday.

Layered haircuts are most interesting than one-length as a rule because they have much more versatile shapes. There should be at least two layers with shorter tresses around the face to be considered a layered haircut. However, you can have as many as you want. Don’t forget to consider your ends.Do you want them blunt and choppy or smooth subtle with thin delicate feathers. You can come up with so many styles you haven’t tried before by experimenting with layers and finishes for your ends.

Best Medium Layered Haircuts

Let’s see all that in examples.

#1: The Perfect Bedhead

medium layered haircut for thick hair


Layers add volume, texture, and depth which make them a great choice for mid-length hair. It gives you a touch of variety without sacrificing length. For brunettes, subtle highlights in brown tones are a nice touch.

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