8 Effective Exercises to Restore Your Vision at Home

Having perfect eye sight is the dream of many. With the increased trend towards unhealthy eating and careless lifestyle, humankind now has many members with defective vision, and corrective measures such as surgeries and laser treatments are expensive. Also, the usage of contact lenses presents various other problems such as eye infections; whereas using spectacles is a burden cosmetically and makes you dependent on the tool. There are effective ways to improve and restore your vision, for example by exercising all the ocular muscles on a daily basis as shown in these eight effective exercises.

1. The Pencil Push Ups

Improve eyesight - Wikihow

Improve eyesight – Wikihow.com

Mark a pencil in the middle and fixate your eyes on this point. Now keep moving the pencil up and down for a total of ten sets. Then start rotating the pencil in a clockwise direction and then in the anti clockwise direction. This will increase the focus as well as the rate of movement of the ocular muscles. This exercise is most suitable for correcting double vision as well as crossed eyes. You can also add more varieties to this exercise by changing the distance of the pencil.

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