8 Parts of a Coconut to Use

While coconuts are not part of the traditional American diet, their popularity is increasing as more and more people learn about the health benefits of coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut oil. But not many people realize just how much of this humble plant can be used. Some have labeled the coconut tree the “plant of life,” and with good reason too. It can be used for fuel, shelter and nutrition, and its cultivation is totally sustainable. It may be confusing, but both the tree and the fruit are commonly referred to as the coconut; and in spite of its name, it is not a nut, it’s a drupe!

#8 Coconut Husks


Coir Fibre. Photo: Ana International

The coconut husk is that part of the coconut found around the outer shell. Fibrous husks have a number of uses including fuel, as they can be used as a source of charcoal. Better still when burnt they are a good mosquito repellant as these unwanted insects don’t like the smell of coconut husks burning and so the smoke effectively gets rid of them. Coir is a natural fiber that is made from coconut husks and is used to make all kinds of household items including rope, string, brushes, mats, and in some parts of the world, stuffing for mattresses. Coconut husks are also used to make contemporary flooring materials.

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