80 Stunning Hairstyles For Women Over 40 That Will Make You Look Fabulous

As you start to age, you often wonder what you can do to your look to make it more youthful. Your hairstyle is one of the big keys to your image, so you should choose which one showcase your best light.

After 40, many women consider this to be the time to live life to the fullest. You don’t have to choose something different from what you liked before just because you are over 40 though. No matter how old a woman is, she remains a woman. Go ahead and pick your favorite bob, pixie or graded cut because they are timeless. Simpler styles are what you should stick to the older you become. Soft lines that keep locks off the face and clean cuts should be your preference. Though there’s no need to give up the idea of wearing bangs. Model Kris jenner by wearing wispy bangs that reach your eyebrows or soft side waves like Kathy Hilton’s.

Try a short-to-medium version of a cheeky pixie or a bob haircut if you have fine hair. Tease it at the roots for some volume. Layered medium/long styles lend themselves to thick hair, but you can also try long bobs and extra short pixies.

All women over 40 have the common problem of grey hairs. Most women opt for a blondish or caramel hue because lighter tones are easy to maintain, but a fair amount opt for intelligent shades such as dark chocolate, auburn, or burgundy. Try to avoid drastic highlights- the idea is to look modern and elegant.


#1: Medium Layered Haircut


Fair complexions will look great with this stunning cut. It has subtle honey highlights and discrete layers. The seamless style is achieved by having top layers cut shorter with the longest locks grazing your shoulders. This ‘do is easy to maintain while still looking great. Style the tips with a round brush and complete the look with side-swept bang.

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