9 Harmful Food Combinations You Should Avoid

9. Muffins and fruit juices.

playingwithflour - orange muffins

playingwithflour – orange muffins

Why? A combo that offers lots of calories and little in terms of nutrition is why. Starting your day with this meal can lead to energy crashes and cravings by mid-afternoon that can make you cranky and stressed if you don’t get your fix. The lack of protein and fibre clashes with high sugar consumption and messed up blood sugar. If you really wish to have a muffin, go for a wholegrain variety and treat your body with some respect.

This list could go on forever with unhealthy food combinations, but now you know the basics you are one step closer to becoming a healthier person. The mind and body work n synergy, treat them both with respect and they will do the same for you.

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