9 Reasons You Could Bruise Easily

Traumatic injuries generally result in bruising that causes the skin to change color – usually described as being “black and blue” on “white” skin, or a kind of purple-red on darker skins. What happens is that when you fall, bump into something, or are hit or struck by something hard, solid and heavy, the small blood capillaries break and the red blood cells literally leak towards the surface of the skin. When the body begins to heal, the bruising will normally start to fade and will turn to a dirty yellow or brown color before the skin color returns to normal. So why do some people seem to bruise more easily than others?

#9 Pale Skin


Treat Black Eye Bruise. Photo: genius.com

People with pale skin appear to bruise more easily than people with darker skin color, but in fact it is just a perception because bruises are more obvious on pale skin. Nevertheless even darker skinned people suffer from visible discoloration of the skin when they bruise. Whatever color a person is, a cold compress applied to bruised areas will help to reduce pain and swelling, irrespective of skin color. The quicker this is applied after an injury, the more effective it will be in reducing swelling and visible bruising.

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