Add an Air Purifying Plant to Your Home – 15 Top Varieties

NASA undertook a study to identify the plants which provide the best air purification benefit. Each air purifying plant on our list grows wonderfully indoors while leaving your home or office healthier. The addition of an air purifying plant to your home not only improves the aesthetics but also filters out many harmful chemicals. Here are the fifteen best plants to filter and clean the air in your home.


1. English Ivy – The Best Air Purifying Plant

Air Purifying Plant

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English Ivy is an invasive outdoor plant which is better suited to indoor growing. It survives great when grown inside due to its partiality for sun and shade. NASA has rated this plant as one of the world’s most effective air purifying plants. It removes a wide range of toxic chemicals from the air and is easy to grow. It is a fantastic topiary plant due to it’s ability to climb.

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