Allergies – 22 Strange and Unexpected Triggers

Allergy season is the scapegoat of 90% of all allergic reactions. Yet often the irritation results from triggers which are seemingly misrelated. The next time allergies give you grief, consider if any of these causes are at the root of your annoyance. Here are the twenty two most common items and activities which cause allergic reactions.


1. Mobile Phones


Mobile phones can cause many allergic reactions. There is a possibility of a nickel allergy due to the battery. Even if you do not have a nickel based battery you still have the risk of radiation. Allergic reactions from cellular phone use include dermatitis, headaches and fatigue. A ringing in the ears can also form. Redness of the skin develops and in dire cases welts are prevalent. Corticosteroids are the usual prescription for allergies caused by mobile phones. The electromagnetic frequencies emitted from a mobile phone can affect melatonin production. This can cause a disturbance in restful sleep.

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