Core Exercise – 12 Awesome Workouts

If you are looking for the optimal exercises to strengthen and tone you core, look no further. We have supplied ten of the most beneficial exercises available. Each provides a comprehensive workout for your abs, while toning your mid section. Use these techniques to kick up the pace when working your core.


1. Knee Fold Tuck

Core Exercise

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Knee fold tucks are easy a abdominal exercise which give your core a fantastic workout. Holding similarity to crunches, this exercise is just as taxing on your abs. Ensure that you lift your legs off the ground before stretching them out completely. Point your toes while extending your arms forward. Hold this position for up to three seconds. Do not allow your chin to touch your chest when bringing your elbows do beyond a 45 degree angle. This exercise works both your lower and upper abdominal muscles in a balanced manner.

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