Dementia – 10 Celebrity Sufferers

Dementia is a disease which is also known as senility. This cognitive disorder results in many conditions which all stem from the effect of this disease. Dementia degrades the ability to think and remember. Language issues may arise and emotional issues are normally an early sign. Dementia is a term which includes many disorders. However Alzheimer’s disease makes up almost 70% of all diagnosed cases. Dementia has no cure, although certain treatments have proven beneficial. Dementia current affects over thirty-six million people around the world. The awareness which celebrity dementia raises has helped promote healthy treatment and prevention plans. Here we provide you an overlook of ten of the most recognizable celebrities who experienced dementia during their lives.


1. Ronald Reagan


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Ronald Reagan was first officially diagnosed with dementia in 1995. Closer investigation into the life of former president Reagan shows subtle speech changes during his term in office. This was between the years of 1981 and 1989. He also suffered a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in 1994. This statesman always declared that he would resign from office if his mental health should begin failing him. Actor Will Ferrell recently backed out of a production cover the life of Ronald Reagan. It aimed to portray ex-president Reagan’s dementia in a comedic manner. The issue drew outrage from the Reagan family and resulted in the comedy star opting not to pursue the project.

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