Hepatitis C – 10 Frequent Symptoms

Hepatitis C is the virus which is at times called the silent killer. Hepatitis C, or HCV, is often present in the body without detection. The only way to reveal HCV is through extensive blood tests, due to the prevalent lack of symptoms. HCV is an inflammatory condition which degrades the function of your liver and kidneys. It can also spread to other organs if left untreated. Hepatitis C spreads in little time when left untreated. It is thus critical to detect the infection early. Women are at a higher risk of contracting HCV than men. While most sufferers end up developing cirrhosis of the liver. Further complications may result in liver cancer and total liver failure. This terrible affliction causes facilities in about 5% of sufferers. Here are the ten most common symptoms of Hepatitis C.


1. Fever from Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C

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Fever is a sign of your body struggling with the complications of an infection. Attempting to destroy the attacking virus or bacteria, the body increases your temperature. A fever is the body trying to kill a pathogen degrading your health. When hepatitis C causes a fever, the next night is usually accompanied by chills and sweating. While this alone does not prove the presence of HCV, it is a sign. Fever in conjunction with other symptoms urges you to have yourself checked.

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